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Gift Box Template


Here is a Gift Box Template. Gifts and Presents are sent to the people whom we love and care for. From the ancient times, it has become a civilized tradition to give presents to our loved ones. Gifts are usually given on some special occasion as wedding, birthday party, Christmas and anniversary and there are many other […]

Guest Book Template


Here is another Guest Book Template that can help anyone planning and tracking their guest book easily and efficiently. Being colorful and carefully crafted, this word template will assist in preparing a long list of guests with their full addresses, phone, email, data added and some special comments you might have had regarding your guests such […]

Donation Receipt Template


Here is a Donation Receipt Template that can be used to collect donations for any noble cause. Usually donation receipts are being issued by NGOs or small organizations collecting funds for a public welfare task. A Dark Background with a reversed title helps reader to quickly read through the contents while feeling no extra burden on his/her eyes. The […]

Free Wedding Invitation Template

Wedding Invitation Template-1

Wedding invitation is a card that is sent to the relatives and friends to join the great event of wedding.  Wedding invitation card is an ancient and formal way to invite the people to celebrate the gorgeous ceremony of wedding. Wedding is the most important event of someone’s life as everybody want to enhance the […]

Grocery Shopping List Template


Grocery shopping list is a formal document that contains the list of items that are to be shopped by a relevant person. It is very common to prepare a shopping list before going to market for shopping. Generally every body needs to have a shopping list with him/her for shopping smoothly. It is a time […]

Marriage Certificate Template


Here is a Marriage Certificate Template. This word template is really useful for situations where bride is being presented with a gift along with fancy and attractive Marriage Certificate. This attractive certificate template is very easy to use and edit. Moreover, being created in MS Word 2003, it is very accessible and easy to tailor as per […]

Coupon Template


Here is a Sample Coupon Template. Coupons can be referred same as tickets that contains some information of the event for which coupon is provided. These coupons may be entry coupons of some public place or may be used as the proof of participating in certain event. Sometimes coupons are used for discount purposes of retail corporations, […]