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Sample Restaurant Survey

Here is another Sample Survey to receive customer feedback regarding food and quality of service delivered to a Restaurant Audience.  This Sample Restaurant Survey contains all the elements necessary to evaluate the performance of any Restaurant Business. Moreover, being a Word Template, it is very easy to customize and tailor as per any requirements or specific situations. This survey template is created with the basic understanding that customer is in rush and hence can’t spent too much time to write his feedback. That is why, Multiple-Choice Questions are offered to just go and click on the option rather than thinking about words and paragraphs to formulate his/her feedback which is quite time consuming. Similarly,  this type of survey help the hotel management in asking most relevant questions and their accurate answers rather than ambiguous feedback in wording that can cause them confusion to decide about it.

Contents of Restaurant Survey

This Sample Restaurant Survey contains several sample questions for this situation. Most of them deals with,

  • Quality of Service
  • Timeliness of Service
  • Food Quality
  • Beverages
  • Staff Behavior
  • Sitting Arrangement
  • Overall Experience

Here is preview of this Sample Restaurant Survey,

Here is download link,

Download Sample Restaurant Survey


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