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Bid Proposal Template

A Bid Proposal Template is necessary to create professional bid proposals quickly but without loosing the professional touch. The process begins when a client publish a Request for Proposal document or simply write down his requirements for a particular project or task. Hence you have to respond to it with a professional Bid Proposal Document to convince him that you are the right choice for his task/project. What contents should be part of Bid Proposal? It is a difficult question as contents should vary from project to project depending upon the nature of project. However a general layout and professional look & feel is something common among all project proposals. You can keep this bid proposal template in your PC and use it when and where needed.

Tips for Effective Bidding

Here are a few general points that can help anyone to win a project bid.

  • Always read client’s provided RFP (Request for Proposal) carefully.
  • Address the questions asked by Client in his requirements.
  • Explain your proposed solution with references to client’s RFP.
  • Give cost breakdown structure to make costing transparent for client
  • At the end, refer back to similar projects you have done in the past. If possible, give references to the person to whom client may contact for verification.

I am sure this bid proposal template is definitely going to become an asset for your project hunting task. Here is its preview,

Here is download link,

Download Bid Proposal Template

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